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GG Newsletter | Best Waterproof Packing Cube – 10/27/2023

While many packing cubes are water-resistant, their zippers (where water is most likely to leak in) are not rated for actual submersion underwater. Nite Ize differs from the rest, as its RunOff line of packing cubes and pouches (each sold separately) is fully waterproof, even to the point of submersion.!

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GG Newsletter | RunOff Waterproof Pocket is Recognized as the Best Waterproof Pouch – 9/15/2023

HiConsumption voted the RunOff Waterproof Pocket as the best waterproof pouch in the dry bags roundup!

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The 8 Best Dry Bags For Any Adventure

GG Newsletter | Goris Group Wins Prestigious Eagle Award! – 8/18/2023

We are pleased to share wonderful news with you! Thanks to our Distributors, Customers and collaborators who contributed to our success, we are proud to announce that Goris Group has been awarded the prestigious “Eagle” Award for 2023 at Vista Outdoor’s ALL IN 2024 Outdoor Product Sales Meeting. This award recognizes the best sales agency of Vista Outdoor, and it is a true honor to have been chosen as the winners.

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GG Newsletter | Founders Day – 4/20/2023

Zippo proudly honors their founder and inventor of the Zippo windproof lighter, George G. Blaisdell, with their special-edition Founder’s Day collection. Coinciding with Mr. Blaisdell’s birthday on June 5th, this unique assortment of designs – complete with an extraordinary commemorative piece – celebrates his unparalleled vision and the spirit that has guided the company for more than 90 years.

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GG Newsletter | Smith’s Consumer Products – 1/12/2023

We say goodbye with a wish. Never again peel a fruit with a dull knife, never again cut roast or raw meat with a sad dull knife, never again fight with scissors that don’t even cut paper. Offer Smith’s to your customers. Find out more…

40 Years of Princeton Tec – 1/9/2023

It all started 40 years ago in Princeton, New Jersey. Bill Stephens was running the dive shop he founded, and punching the clock at his day job. An engineer by day; an entrepreneur by night.

When Bill’s 9 to 5 tried to relocate the Stephens family to Indianapolis, far away from the Atlantic Ocean where he loved to dive, Bill quit and refocused on manufacturing the industry’s first automatic dive timer – he affectionately dubbed it the “Bottom Timer.” This was the beginning of Princeton Tec.

Outdoor Academy – 1/1/2023

Welcome to Outdoor Academy

We believe that Outdoor Academy will help you greatly in learning about our products and brands, reinforcing your confidence level, therefore helping you in the sales process.

Our goal is to provide information and tools to help you become the most knowledgeable sales associate you can be. 

We thank you in advance for any help or comments about how to improve Outdoor Academy